Vote for Dino Nuts

Show your support for our community and vote to recieve awesome in-game rewards!

What are the rewards?

We offer various rewards for voting, this is all based on your total voters per month.

25 total votes

2,500 x common resources*.

50 total votes

This will earn you the ability to request ONE of the following rewards:

  • Artifact set (one of each artifact or a selection of 15).
  • Ascendant blueprint of your choice.
  • 150 tribute items (can be a selection of tribute items).
  • 5,000 x common resources.

75 total votes

On top of the previous rewards you will also be awarded the VOTE SQUAD title in Discord and gain access to our Extinction Core server.

You can also pick ONE of the following rewards:

  • 10,000 x common resources*.
  • 2,000 x rare resources.
  • Dino Recolour.
  • 350 Dino with ascendant saddle.

How to vote

Voting is simple, easy, fast and rewarding!

How to vote:

1) Open the links below (ark-servers). – The Island – Aberration – Ragnarok

2) Log in with your Steam account (all information is secured as you are connecting to Steam Community).

TADA! All done, now check out the rewards you can get by voting.

We also run a 3 monthly competitions, once for each of our servers. Winners will be awarded a level 325 perfect tamed dino of their choice. In order to be entered into this competition you must reach 25 votes on each of our ARK servers.

Common resources include all resources excluding red gems, elemental ore, black pearls and element.

Rare resources are black pearls, red gems, blue gems, absorbent substrate, ammonite bile, leech blood and human hair. Please note, element and elemental ore are EXCLUDED from all rewards.

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