Welcome to Dino Nuts

Warpaint on, spears at the ready, it's time to get down and dirty with ARK!

ARK Genesis Part 2 background

What do we offer?

Dino Nuts offers an active, mature and fun community for everyone to enjoy. We are all united by our love for ARK: Survival Evolved and love to spend our evenings taming, breeding, building and having a laugh!

Friendly Community

Our community members are active, friendly and are always looking to help eachother out.

Passionate Admins

We've got some real passionate admins who are on hand to help assist you where needed.

Stable Servers

Our servers are always online, nobody likes down time. We have 100% uptime on ark-servers.

Automated Rewards

Redeem your rewards in-game hassle free using our rewards shop. No waiting around anymore!

Balanced Rates

Our rates have been carefully selected to be a balance of casual and challenging gameplay.

Active Discord

Keep up to date with the latest Dino Nuts news, get support and chat to other members.

Cluster Chat

We've linked all our in-game chats together and even with Discord so you are never alone!

Auction House

Our in-game auction house lets you trade with players across our cluster without leaving base.

Powerful Hardware

Our ARK servers run on the latest dedicated servers; providing high performance and low latency.

Trouble connecting to our servers? Download our official launcher