Our Team

Meet the awesome team behind the Dino Nuts community!

  • Marley (Founder)

    Corrupt bastard to the core. Grumpy, but makes the stuff do the things. Usually can be found tinkering with various web projects, server configs and on occasion causing death and destruction to all those who oppose him.

  • Willie (Founder)

    Gregariously ginger, fossilised founder who slowly comes back to life with whiskey. If there's a dumb question, you can get a definitively dumb answer from me. If anything on the server goes wrong, just do #BlameWillie and it will all be ok.

  • Teebaux (Admin)

    Not much is known about Teebaux. Rumour has it that he is an ex swimwear model that went rogue. All we know for sure is that if you listen carefully you can hear him complain in the distance... "Ah, whaaaaat the f*ck?!".

  • Owl (Admin)

    The old wise owl, big ark nerd can be found fishing in game all alone somewhere or shooting something. Sometimes is the admins play toy. When he is in a voice channel he randomly hoos at you. One final thing this owl has a great beard.

  • St0rmkr0w (Admin)

    Greetings Nutter’s! My name is St0rmkr0w, I joined this community around Jan 2018 and have made some good friends and shared great memories along the way. I have over 4500 hours in ARK and these days I love breeding OP Dinos.

  • Kali (Admin)

    Admirer of all things informational, Kali’s favorite things are flyers, the number 254, breeding dinos, raw meat, and the color Unused Purple Dye #211. More than anything, she loves questions with no answers that require testing.

  • Adilya (Admin)

    You stand in the presence of Dave, first of her name, Mother of Rock drakes, Creator of avatars, bearer of red hair, player of DnD and an admin at heart. You can find her zooming around the cluster clearing the map as she goes!

  • Hotshot (Admin)

    Mr. Hotshot, one formerly known as Daddy, Killer of the big ugliness, makes his favourite dinos hug it out till they are as strong as they are pretty! Full of Ark know-how and on-call to get you out of an OH NO even if it's iddy biddy or hella big.

  • Nattytash (Ambassador)

    ARK player at heart, having played since the very beginning. Gamer, photographer and wildlife lover. Learning from trusted players like yourselves, soaring into the battlefield with their trusty dog Charlie, ready to wreck face.

  • Kiogan (Ambassador)

    Kiogan can often be seen working on one of her many projects; be it breeding, building, testing random stuff or lurking observing other players. Willing to drop whatever she's doing to run and help people. If it isn't cyan i don't want it.

  • DanDee (Ambassador)

    Since the existence of ARK I have been running around building, taming... HEY! LOOK IT’S A DODO! ...where was I... o yeah and ruling ARK. I love breeding and ...LOOK IT’S A RED MOSCHOP!!... a good adventure. O and did I mention that I get easily distracted.

  • The Oracle (Wizard)

    An all powerful summoner of items, minions and the occasional level 1000 giga. After many hours on the 'magic juice', he can become quite unstable and loses his powers. Only the players of the servers can bring him back to life.

  • SparcMX (Retired Founder)

    Older than Willie, Sparc was there when the Internet was born and as such, has delved deep into the technology that ruins lives on a daily basis. Many decades later there's not many stones left to turn, he's seen it and done it all.

  • Tiania (Retired Community Manager)

    Builder, decorator and destroyer of abandoned bases. A crazy birb lover who will tease you with food pics. Always happy to listen and help out where needed and keep Sparc working. Also known to explode for no known reason...

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