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So, what hamster wheel have you got powering the server?


Our dedicated servers are hosted in Gravelines, France. No more using shared server hosting to host our servers, this allows us to have complete control on all aspects of the server and thanks to our resident nutjob SparcMX we have optimized the server to ensure the most efficent loadbalancing possible; this means no more lag and snapbacks when you are trying to place that key foundation/pillar or fighting a boss.


Cool, but what are the specs?


CPU: Intel i7-7700K 4.7GHz (4 cores / 8 threads)

RAM: 64GB DDR4 ECC 2400MHz

SSD: 480GB


Enough about hardware, what are the ARK server rates?


10x Taming

2.5x Gathering

2.5x Experience

2x Number of eggs

10x Breeding numbers

2x Longer days


Not bad, what about structure decay?


We thought that vanilla structure decay was just a tad bit too fast, it’s a pain to go away for a week to see your base in ruins. So we doubled the rate before structures decay.

Thatch = 8 days

Wood = 16 days

Stone = 24 days

Metal = 32 days

Tek = 42 days


Hang on, what about dino decay?


We know your dinos are important to you, all that breeding and hard work should not go to waste if you need to dissapear for a bit, so we tripled the default dino decay so that instead of 8 days you have 24 days before your dinos are up for adoption.


Wait, what happens if I need to leave for a period of time longer than the decay timers?


Well you have two choices, you can either upload your precious dinos, structures or items at an obelisk into your ARK data (which will stay in there for 24 hours / 1 day) or you can get in touch with any of our admins and let them know you of your situation and when you will be back; they will then ensure your base does not decay until your back from your break.


Sounds great, what mods do you run?


All of our servers run:

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The Island

Scorched Earth



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