Dino Nuts Community Rules

Please ensure that you read and follow all of our community rules before joining our ARK servers. By playing on our ARK servers you agree to follow these rules. Failure to do so will result in warnings / bans.

  • No racism, homophobia or any form of hate.
  • No hacking, bug abusing or cheating.
  • No advertising, trolling or griefing.
  • No offensive player, tribe or dino names.
  • Abide by all of Discords rules.
  • English only in global chat, keep it mature.
  • 1 x Main tribe base ( max size 100 x 100 foundations or 300m x 300m ).
  • 1 x Water dino pen ( max size 75 x 75 foundations or 225m x 225m ).
  • 1 x Redwood outpost (single redwood tree).
  • 1 x Outpost per tribe member ( not to exceed 3 total, max size 15 x 15 foundations or 45m x 45m ).
  • Leave 75 foundations ( 60 on Extinction ) or 225m ( 180m on Extinction ) between yourself and your neighbours when building a base, unless you have agreed previously with tribe leader. The person who built first has claim to the location.
  • Base size limits are to be considered 'flexible'. This means the tribe may divide up the space into multiple bases as they see fit, up to a maximum of 4 total locations. This space does not factor into water pens.
  • An example of dividing this space is to allot 50 x 50 to one tribe member, and 50 x 50 to the other should both be avid builders, or assigning 75 x 75 to a main base with smaller outposts adding up to 25 x 25.
  • building on spawn locations ( you will be asked to move ).
  • No building in / around obelisks, resource rich areas ( check #💡info ), artifact caves, ruins & bridges ( minimum 25 foundations away / 75m ).
  • No pillar / foundation / platform spamming to secure an area, this includes in / around your base.
  • No blocking access to high traffic rivers ( rivers you can get a raft in & out ).
  • No dinos on wander / aggressive outside of your base ( they will be killed on sight ).
  • No blocking beaches / pathways, even if your gates are unlocked.
  • No leaving dinos inside or around caves, this includes resource gathering dinos.
  • No building in / around wyvern, drake or griffin trenches.
  • No dropping unwanted wyvern, drake or deino eggs; eat them instead, otherwise it prevents fresh spawns.
  • No looting other players gacha crystals.
  • Ensure all gas collectors and oil pumps are unlocked for public use.
  • Ensure all explorer notes & beacons are accessible to other players ( by air dinos at least ).
  • Ensure at least 5 foundations ( 15m ) space is left around your base so people can pass by.
  • Clean up all traps & rafts once you have finished using them to prevent clutter.
  • No interfering with with players during an OSD or beacon.
  • Pick up your sleeping bags when you're finished using them.
  • Gachas are limited to 15 per map, any more than that will result in the Gachas being cryo podded. Repeat offenders will have their Gachas killed.
  • All public teleporters must be prefixed with [PUBLIC] to show they are accessable to the public and will not result it players getting stuck.
  • No Gachas on Aberration, they will be automatically killed.
  • No blocking charge nodes.
  • No blocking ziplines.
  • No blocking access or building in tunnels leading to the surface.
  • No out of bounds surface building.
  • Rich resource for Aberration is considered to be 10 for more rich metal nodes within 5 foundations.
  • No blocking city terminals ( must be 15 foundations ( 45m ) away minimum ).
  • No blocking sky bridges in the city, leave room for at least a bronto to pass through. Minimum 5 foundations.
  • Glitches must be made available by foot or grappling hook.
  • Base limits 80 x 80 foundations or 240 x 240m.
  • Ocean outposts limit 40 x 40 foundations or 120 x 120.
  • No building in underwater air pockets.
  • No Building on / around Icy Mountain Tops AKA Penguin Sanctuary or beaver sanctuary.
  • No building in / around the Lair of the Mask, underwater cave or wyvern trenches.
The Center
  • No building on floating islands or the iceberg.
The Island
  • No building on / around Carno Island.
  • No building in / around Beaver Lake ( 53 / 73 ) or Beaver Moore ( 37 / 09 ).
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