Dino Nuts Rules

The rules that you should adhear to in order to keep the fun for everyone and keep people safe.


No racism, homophobia or any form of hate.

It’s not cool, nor is it something we condone.


No hacking, bug abusing or cheating.

It ruins other peoples fun and will get you a swift ban.


No advertising or trolling.

This includes shameless plugs for your Twitch / YouTube.

No building in/around resource rich areas.

Within a 25 foundation radius. This includes obelisks.

No building in/around caves, ruins or bridges.

Pretty self explanatory. This includes Carno Island & Wyvern Caves.

No pillar / foundation spamming.

Find an area and build there, don’t try and hold land.

No dinos on wander outside of your base.

It stops people farming. They will be killed on site.

When looting a beaver dam, take ALL items.

Or drop them, this ensures the beaver dam will respawn.

In a nutshell just be a decent person, be mature, help eachother out and don’t give people grief.

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